Conscious vs. Unconscious Behavior and Actions

Maintaining a focused life requires conscious behavior and taking conscious action. These actions determine our victorious outcome in every situation. Inactivity is also an action…a decision to do nothing. Which is no making no decision or taking no action at all. This too is loosing focus.

Your focus in life is a chess match. Making the proper sacrifices to gain position, while avoiding sacrilegious activities that cost you strategic ground is the strategy to winning. But you cannot not make the correct moves or even win if you refuse to consciously engage and act.

There is so much in life that comes to rob and steal our focus. But God has given us a strategy to remain focused and win the war for our soul. We begin by waking up to His Word in our lives. Making it the source of all we do. Developing the habit to operate in the Word both consciously and subconsciously.

Subconscious action would be the things we do automatically without thinking, but in this final war for our soul, we do not have the luxury to just do things automatically, without thinking! It may cost us the game of life. Even when operating subconsciously on the Word of God we must do so with His thoughts in mind and ask Him for the wisdom during the season we find ourselves.

ANYTHING we consistently do, in time, becomes a subconscious activity or behavior. The only way to change our behavior, habits or activities is to CONSCIOUSLY make the decision to do so, but you must also be CONSISTENT or the effects will be short-lived. Focus on becoming intentional in your Word-based decisions and Holy Spirit led actions.

Though, consistently employing the Word of God consciously is obviously necessary to continually evolve to where obeying His Word and taking the actions He would have us take, become the nature we exemplify. We seek to operate daily in obedient faith with conscious actions and behaviors even when performing subconsciously. This, I believe will help us continually outwit the enemy!


  1. To begin taking the necessary actions to change your behavior that has hindered your progress.
  2. To stop negative behavior and thoughts that are limiting your potential and keeping your from seeing your true identity.
  3. To pursue what God has for you with all your strength and might and not allow negativity to stop you.
  4. Allow the Power of The Spirit to guide you, help you, and lead you into your destiny.

Remember, anything we want to be sucessful at needs to ultimately become subconscious, you do it automatically without thinking about it. However, if we have the mind of God, then we are thinking like He thinks and can do this safely. If not, we are in for disaster because our mind has not been renewed enough to just go with the flow and do it!

So, then operating in the Word, by Faith and through the Power of The Spirit is what we should consciously and subconsciously seek to become good at.

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