Prophetic Word to Arise to Victory

Saints, I woke up with this word on my heart today and wanted to share it with you.

The Lord says, “Arise, shine for thy light has come and my glory has risen upon thee! Today I give you victory over the enemy and no weapon he creates shall prosper against thee! Do not fear the terror by day nor the arrow that flies by night, I have given my angles charge over thee and they shall keep you in safety! No Ebola, no financial crises, no elected official, no system of this world will harm thee, for the blood of my Son, Yeshua covers thee and He has already given you the victory! So today my children walk in the light and be the light in this dark world for I will use you to bring salvation to this generation and you will see the glory of The Lord bring victory! I say victory, victory, victory! Declare it now! You have the victory, so walk it, talk it, and live like it!”

“Too many of you have become distracted by the things of this world; what you will eat, drink, wear, live or have. I came to give you life and life abundantly and I know what things you have need of so do not worry about those things! I will take care of you and provide for you”, says The Lord! “Put my kingdom first in all things and focus on things eternal, and not temporal. The enemy is weighing many souls in the balance but I’ve given you the power through The Holy Spirit to reach the lost and set them free! It is time to cast out devils, speak in new tongues, drink new wine, and walk in the Spirit. Today, if you will be obedient to go and reach my lost sheep you will see how ripe the harvest really is.”

“Get out of yourself and begin moving in me by the Spirit! Let my Spirit arise in thee to move every hard place and see the victory before thee. Nothing is too hard for me! I AM the same yesterday, today and forever and my power is here to shake even the very gates of hell! They will not prevail! Use my power to bring victory, healing, and deliverance to those around you, but my power must begin to be alive in you! You need a new dose of The Holy Ghost! Drink from the fountain again! Fill up again! There is plenty new wine for the thirsty. Empty out the old wine of religion and tradition, yes some of you have become stale in religion, ritual, and ridicule! Purge out the leaven, yes you have become filled with pride, envy and jealousy! You can do nothing without me. It is MY Spirit! MY Power! MY Anointing! My Work! Whatever I do through you it is ME and not you! Take my yoke upon you and began again to learn of me or I will humble thee.”

“You have forgotten who I AM and what I AM able to do! I have all power and nothing can stand before me! Pray and ask me and I will show you great and might things. Some things I will move and others will remain until I come, but moving in and obeying me will let your heart be at peace to accept what I AM doing in this hour. Let not your heart be troubled, I see and know all things and what seems like death and destruction moving against you will flee before ME! Believe and do not doubt. Remove all doubt, fear, worry and anxiety from your heart and completely trust in ME saith The Lord and I WILL lead you to victory!”

To God be the Glory! Amen! Amen! Amen!


  1. That every negative in your life must come to an end right now! In Yeshua’s Name.
  2. That every plan of the wicked and the wicked one fails against you and your life now! In Yeshua’s Name.
  3. That today you receive a fresh start in this new season and embrace your new day for you and your household! In Yeshua’s Name.
  4. That you walk out of every hindrance, trap and curse spoken over your life and walk free! In Yeshua’s Name.

People of God, The Father is doing a new thing in you today for the end season we are in and you must begin to receive, believe and obey what He is working by His Spirit!

Yes, He can and He will do it, but He wants you to be apart of what He is doing. Let’s cooperate and get in agreement with Him today so we can usher the return of OUR KING!

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