A Generation of Yosef Ambassadors

In this series, Apostle Ingram is proving Kingdom Preparation for a Generation of Kingdom Ambassadors as he uses Yosef (Joseph) as our example of an Ambassador.

What is an Ambassador?

Webster’s Dictionary defines an ambassador is an official envoy; especially a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment, and an authorized representative or messenger (Ambassador. (n.d.). Retrieved October 17, 2017, from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ambassador).

However, to break this down for us as Kingdom citizens, as Gods ambassadors we have been commissioned and sent on behalf of the Kingdom Of Heaven to the kingdoms of this world (7 Mountains) as a diplomat to represent our Kings laws and statutes to bring His Kingdom to earth.

We have been sent to demonstrate His sovereign power and exercise His authority against principalities and powers when necessary to show forth His reign in the earth in bringing freedom to the people who are captive. We have been given everything we need to aid us in this assignment and it will be provided and manifest when needed to assist us in fulfilling this mandate to go! And even if we do not go, or refuse to go, He will use life to send us, so whether we find ourselves in the pit, the palace, the dungeon or on the throne we must remember the reason we are there and what we have been commissioned to do.

Yosef is our example and of one who found himself in the service of The Lord even though he was in the employ of the pharaoh. The Lord was with Him (Genesis 39:2-3) in all he did as he found himself going through the many ups and downs of this journey and “Although Yosef was in prison he did not let prison reign in him! You may be going through something, but you do not have to let what you go through become you!”

Too many today find themselves in situation and circumstances that are oftentimes beyond their control; yet it is in those times we need to be at our best and remember why we are here and to whom we have been sent.

You are at your best helping someone else

“The best way to make it through your situation is to encourage someone else through theirs!” Yet, too many of you are waiting for this illusion to be called into something you misunderstand as fulltime ministry. When the truth is the moment you are saved, called by Christ and then commanded to go you are entering into fulltime ministry (service)! “Full-time ministry means a life that is serving God full time where your are making a full time impact where your are!” Looking at our example of Yosef again, he was in fulltime employ of the pharaoh, so was he not in fulltime ministry in the marketplace? Did he need a pulpit, church or congregation to be considered a fulltime minister (servant)?

We are called to go into the entire world and serve it fulltime (Matthew 28:19-20). And even when they do not hear, deliver us up or crucify us we have been called for such a journey and use it to preach the gospel of the kingdom from whence we are sent as an ambassador (Mark 13:8-10). Because if you suffer it righteously and endure it patiently “You can still be promoted in your Pit! It’s your training ground.” It is the place you learn to trust God, depend on Him and recognize it is He that is doing the work though you and you are just the vessel (Genesis 40:8).

The season of your rest is near

You are a vessel fit for The Master’s use and once the vessel has been proven trustworthy and usable there is a time given it to rest. “God has a strategy to bring you out of your situation, but you must endure through the process.” At the end of his season Yosef was released and allowed to receive rest, although it was two years later (Genesis 41:1). However, “What you go through helps build your character and further develops your relationship with the ONE who called you!” Learning that lesson through your trial builds your faith and develops your character to trust in hope that your deliverance is near and your victory is assured!

Therefore, if you find yourself in a pit or prison today know that you are there for a purpose and “Your assignment is attached to the people; someone and not something!” and you will not come out until your assignment is fulfilled. “You and I are sent into the regions of the world where there is famine, so we can bring the wisdom of God to bring rain and grain!”


  1. That no matter where you find yourself you embrace your process and remain faithful to the end.
  2. That you do not let your pit or prison become your final destination, but await your freedom with patience and hope.
  3. That every person of authority begin to recognize who you are in God and your gifts make room for you.
  4. To recognize Gods hand at work in your life and upon your life for good and not evil.
  5. To recognize your season and begin to allow your gifts to be developed, used and sharpened for The Master’s use.
  6. That no weapon of the enemy prosper against you and that The Father release to you your strategy for victory.
  7. To walk out your ambassadorship knowing you have all that you need for your assignment and heaven is at your disposal.

In Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

Remember, you are Gods ambassador, sent into the entire world to bring His Kingdom and free His people who are in bondage. My friend, I do not know about you, but when I think about that commission and mandate I consider the seriousness of the time we live in.

I understand the critical state we see so many in and I want to avail myself for my Kings use to be whatever He needs to reach whomever needs to be reached (1 Corinthians 9:21-23). How about you?


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