I AM Supernatural!

You are more than a natural being experiencing a supernatural event every now and again, but you are a supernatural being operating through a natural vessel. So it is time you act like it!

No more waiting… #GetAndGoSupernatural!

If you’ve waiting until the end of the year or the conclusion of your current season to #GetAndGoSupernatural then you’re already behind schedule! And if you wait too long you will be play catch-up…But if you are hungry for the things of God and a manifestation of more of His presence like I am you are not waiting! We are to be #InFlow of the now with the Holy Ghost! He’s moving! And so am I!

Just a word of warning to those playing catch-up, when you begin to hear others proclaim or the prophets begin to prophecy concerning supernatural manifestations, believe me, we didn’t just get this…we went supernatural long before now. What we begin to say now has already begun because our Holy Ghost flow began during our processing to #GetAndGoSupernatural long before you knew who we were!

Your Processing Prepares You for Supernatural Manifestation

The time you spend with The Father during your processing and being conformed to the image of Christ is developing you for your end-time purpose and preparing you to #GetAndGoSupernatural. Everything you go through and have gone through up to this point has all been designed to help you in your upcoming season.

Here at SEED Faith Ministries we will not hold our tongues in this season because the Holy Spirit gave us the boldness to declare the year of release, overflow, double-double, breakout and super-abundance as we #GetAndGoSupernatural to break chains and strongholds of the enemy and we believe it!

You Will Need a New Baptism to Gain and Overcome in this Season

It’s going to take a baptism of fire and water for many people in this season to #GetAndGoSupernatural because the carnal mind and corrupt flesh will no longer do! This will not be a season of understanding with the natural mind, human intellect or emotional and soulish preaching but a time to #GetAndGoSupernatural! However, you will have to walk in the Spirit of Discernment to be submitted, obedient and faithful in this season.

Fleshly believers, carnal preachers, false prophets and whore mongering saints (those chasing a word from God and not the Spirit of God) will not have the power to #GetAndGoSupernatural because it’s a work and movement of the Spirit and not of the flesh! If you don’t #GetAndGoSupernatural you won’t see, let alone walk, into the promises you’ve been naming and claiming! It’s more than a confession! It’s a profession in order to take possession! It’s a walk in the #supernatural with #EmployedFaith, a #WillingHeart and an #ObedientSpirit!

Your Mission to #GetAndGoSupernatural

If you think this is going to be your year, then you better #GetAndGoSupernatural because it’s the year more Hell is going to break loose! You will see more demonic activity, heightened spiritual warfare, physical and mental attacks and oppressive and depressive spirits.


The Spirit of The Lord will move mightily in the lives of those who believe and obey the leading of The Spirit in this season. You’re going to need more than an anecdote to keep you anchored in the Rock, called Christ! Things are going to come to pull on your relationship with Christ! That’s why it’s time to #GetAndGoSupernatural! You’re going to need the help of The Lord to make it through this next season!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to stay focused, remain determined and get in alignment with the plan and purpose of God for your life in every area of your life! It is time to lay aside every weight, sin and distraction that is besetting you and run your race with patience and endurance knowing The Father, through the completed work of Christ will accomplish every good work He promised through the power of The Spirit. It is time you get connected, so you can be protected, so you can be provided for.


  1. To realize you are a supernatural being everyday of your natural life and supernatural is your operation.
  2. To understand that in all your ways and with all your actions the supernatural happens for you.
  3. To operate in the supernatural power of The Spirit to see natural things turn supernatural.
  4. To command the supernatural presence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit in your life.
  5. To walk in the supernatural abundance and provision promised you through the finished work of Christ.
  6. To receive the overflowing, indwelling and continual working of the Holy Spirit in your life now.
  7. To increase in the knowledge of the Son of God in all wisdom, strength and might to accomplish every good work.

In Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

Don’t trust the arm of flesh because people will fail you, many will fall away, and err from the truth! So, keep your eyes on Christ. Hold on to your faith! Walk daily in the spirit! And be empowered by The Lord and the Spirit of his might!

I want to wish all our partners and followers the best in this upcoming season we are in. Thank you for following and most of all stay anchored in God through Christ! Be blessed. AMEN!


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