What does S.E.E.D. mean?

S.E.E.D.© is an acronym that stands for the School for Ecumenical and Educational Development and is incorporated as a Religious, Educational, Social, and Charitable organization.

Our Biblical basis is found in Genesis 1:9-13, Then God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered into one place. Let the dry land be seen.” And it was so. Then God called the dry land Earth. He called the gathering of the waters Seas. And God saw that it was good. Then God said, “Let plants grow from the earth, plants that have seeds. Let fruit trees grow on the earth that bring their kind of fruit with their own seeds.” And it was so. Plants grew out of the earth, giving their own kind of seeds. Trees grew with their fruit, and their kind of seeds. And God saw that it was good. There was evening and there was morning, the third day.” (NLV)

S.E.E.D.© Faith Ministries International Fellowship is not a church nor a denomination, but it is an Apostolic and Prophetic school of ministry dedicated to fulfilling the great commission to carry the “gospel of the kingdom of God” to men and women.

S.E.E.D.© Faith Ministries International Fellowship serves as a “growth and development center” with three distinct characteristics:

  • A charismatic (gifts driven) teaching fellowship,
  • A prophetic (spiritually equipped) empowered body of believer, and
  • An international (apostolic going) outreach center.

S.E.E.D.© Faith Ministries International Fellowship is a covenant body of believers whose mission is to gather for the purpose of fellowship, relationship and mentorship in helping people finding their place in the body of Christ.

“Connecting people with their Purpose”.

To fulfill their potential in Gods plan. We recognize all God creation has been created for a purpose and the seed in them was planted there by God. We nurture the seed in you by providing economic, ecumenical, and educational opportunities that foster spiritual and personal growth and development. We accomplish this through the:

  • Vision, mission and purpose
  • Our five goals, and
  • Authentic apostolic believer-ship

Vision, Mission and Purpose

S.E.E.D.© Faith Ministries International, Inc. or (S.E.E.D.©, Inc) accomplishes the vision, mission and purpose by ministering to the whole-man through seven (complete, maturing) pathways. SEED Faith Ministries Fellowship is just one of those pathways.

Vision, Mission and Purpose

  • Vision: To develop, empower and release believers to fulfill their callings and assignments (purpose) as destined and ordained by God.
  • Mission: To connect people with their purpose so they can reflect the image of Christ (God in the earth) and manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.
  • Purpose: “Connecting People with their Purpose by Providing Ecumenical, Economic & Educational Opportunities for Spiritual and Personal Growth”

We are called and committed to reach the lost, teach, train, and disciple them, then release them as kingdom citizens empowered to make global impact.

Additionally, we strengthen the body of Christ through preaching and proclaiming the revelation of Yashua and His Kingdom by rightfully dividing the Word of Truth from Genesis to Revelations in order to restore balance (right judgement and order) to the household of faith.


Our Goals

Although we have only five goals they take a life to achieve; therefore we are always working toward them in the lives of Gods people.

Often the simplest things are the most difficult.

  • To teach biblical and practical principles for the equipping and propelling of Elohim’s (God’s) people to excel in their services to the Kingdom of God (Ephesians 4:11-13).
  • To provide practical applications of leadership principles that will address and deliver solutions for solving leadership deficiencies that plague the church [body of Christ at large] (Ezekiel 33).
  • To assist senior leadership in identifying the leadership base and assist in developing that base’s professional and functional capacity and developing a new generation of leader in the process (Acts 6:1-7).
  • To foster and promote environments that contribute to teamwork, cooperation and communion (fellowship) that will assist in fulfilling the vision of the Kingdom of Elohim, the local church and the individual (Acts 4:32-35).
  • To assist with the identification and fortification of the God-given leadership abilities and potential existing in oneself, and direct that potential toward the purpose of Elohim for one’s own person-hood, family, ministry and community (I Corinthians 12 & Romans 12).

Apostolic Government

Authentic Apostolic Believer-ship

Despite criticisms and misunderstandings received over the years for our approach to the gospel, how and when we fellowship, and the development of people, we remain balanced in our practice by adhering to a Three-Fold Order of Authentic Apostolic Believer-ship (a balanced Gospel of the Kingdom) supported in scripture:

  • We preach the fullness of G-d (Elohim) and all that He represents as we teach, and demonstrate the Kingdom of G-d with Yahshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) presently ruling and reigning. (Micah 4:7, Rev.5:10, Isa.9:7, Rev.11:5, Dan.2:40, Ps.24:1 Matt.23:13, Is.60:17-18),
  • We believe and walk in apostolic reformation and restoration which comes to set order (lay foundations) establishing a governmental house by building up the people. (Heb. 11:10, 1 Peter 2:5, Rev. 21:2, Heb. 12:18-24, Ps. 102:12-22, 1 Cor. 14:26, Rom. 12:2, Zach. 8:9-15, Eph. 2:19-22, Gal. 4:19, 2 Cor. 6:16), and
  • We invoke the fathers and sons inheritance through covenant, believing that patriarchal succession (generational blessings from one generation to another – Apostolic succession) was passed on to us as believers in Messiah as it was passed on to Him from Abraham. The blessing of God goes into ten generations. Patriarchal succession brings blessings. (Joshua 1:6, Gen. 1:12 & 1:28, Eph. 1:18, Mal. 4:5-6, John 14:12)

We embrace the fullness of the Kingdom of God without distinction or separation between old and new testament, but see all as the “inspired Word of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works” (2 Timothy 3:15-17, AKJV).


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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Our local house and home fellowship, known as “Covenant Partner Groups” are held in various cities throughout the United States and abroad.

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“Covenant” is a binding agreement we see throughout Scripture where partners are committed to one another for a common purpose.

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